3 Things to Discuss With the Electrician Wiring Your New Home

3 Things to Discuss With the Electrician Wiring Your New Home

Basic home wiring in Salisbury & Kannapolis, NC

Fill your dream house with light. Mike Murray Electric, Inc. will install the electrical wiring in your house to turn the lights on and get your appliances running. Go over these three things with the electrician you've hired to wire your home:

1-How many outlets you need and where they should be placed.
2-How strong of an electrical panel and how many circuits you need to handle your electrical usage.
3-What types of expansions and renovations you may do in the future.

Mike Murray Electric, Inc. will help you figure out the best way to wire your Salisbury or Kannapolis, NC home. Call 704-210-4076 to schedule a time for one of our expert electricians to come out to your house.

Trusted electricians in Salisbury & Kannapolis, NC

We'll sit down with you to plan exactly where your cable and internet access points will be and where your furniture and lighting should be placed. After we complete the wiring, our thorough electricians will go from room to room in your house to make sure everything has been placed correctly and you're not in danger of tripping your breakers. Reach out to a Mike Murray Electric, Inc. electrician today to learn more about how we'll wire your home safely and effectively.